Similar to other specialists we will obtain your history and details, then perform an expert physical examination.

And this is where most physicians will make a clinical decision based on the limited information or send you out for a very expensive MRI that will take weeks to obtain; However at Southern Neurology, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, we don’t stop there.

During the very same visit you will be sat down in front of a state of the art, high resolution ultrasound machine, specifically set up for evaluation of the musculoskeletal structures of the shoulder. A dynamic evaluation will be performed with you able to see the structures moving in real time and see for yourself any findings, if present, while it’s being explained to you in clear, easy to understand terms.

With a complete history, expert physical exam, diagnostic imaging performed in the same visit, a more informed decision can be made that allows for quicker and more accurate treatment.

Moreover, at Southern Neurology, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation we use the same advanced imaging to guide our injections or any interventions so that the placement is pinpoint accurate and without landmark guessing commonly utilized in healthcare. Less pain, quicker results and better outcomes!

We also can offer ortho-biologics, regenerative medicines and the most recent advances in rehabilitative medicine to insure every option is available for conservative and minimally invasive treatments to avoid surgery.

Similar to our approach with the shoulder, we evaluate other joints and locations- such as the knee- with the same detail, exams and diagnostic ultrasound.

Sometimes traditional injections can only go so far, but a knee replacement is not warranted, contra-indicated, not possible, or just not wanted. This is where specialty pain procedures come in.

One of the specialty pain procedures we offer at Southern Neurology, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation is an ultrasound guided genicular nerve block and subsequent denervation. Ultrasound enhances the targeting of these structures over traditional fluoroscopic guidance. The treatment can be accomplished with radio frequency ablation or the use of chemoneurolysis (alcohol) injection. This is a good option for chronic knee pain or even those with chronic knee pain after a knee replacement